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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  November 26, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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shopping frenzy... it's still thanksgiving thursday... but black friday shopping started about three hours ago... how shoppers prepared... and the item most had their eyes on... burning calories... today was more than just about the thanksgiving day feast... where some people gathered before sitting down at the table... and their reasoning behind it. making progress... what a south eastern iowa county did to an intersection with a deadly past. stopping there.. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 it was a white thanksgiving in western iowa ... cold temperatures are bringing a wintry mix across the sioux city area... and the snow is making for hazardous conditions on the roads. good evening and happy thanksgiving. i'm jodi whitworth... for much of central iowa -- were dealing with rain. and for those traveling it could be an issue... meteorlogist brett mcintyre join
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just after 8-30 tonight, fire crews were called to the super target just down the street from jordan creek.... a viewer sent us this picture of smoke coming from the starbucks in the target at 45-05 mills civic parkway... we have been told that the store was evacuated... no word yet on the extent or cause of the fire, or if anyone was hurt. before heading out to the stores.... dozens of people in the metro made sure to get a good workout in first.. these pple are not going to let the holiday stop them from making it to the gym. we found a handful of people at anytime fitness this morning in downtown des moines... they all had the same reason for being there. "aside from turkey and stuffing, there's a chocolate cake that made me come here today." "you work out to create a little deficit so you can put a little more in." "it's prep work for today and tomorrow" participants in today's des moines turkey trot 5k burned an average of 400 calories. that will allow them to eat one piece of
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guilt free apple pie... meanwhile the tradition continued today at chucks restaurant... this is the 32 - nd year in row chuck's has hosted a free thanksgiving dinner... more than 4 - thousand people received a meal... and cooking for that many is no easy task 15:41-16:00 they start planning six months out.... and feed anyone that comes in mahaska county is working to make rural roads safer... the work is the result of a deadly crash that claimed three young lives... 16-year old jamie singletary crashed into a rock truck at this intersection in august. singletary and his two brothers were killed in the crash. police say its likely neither driver saw the other car because of tall
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there are also no yield or stop signs at the intersection.. month... on facebook the boys' mother sarah hicklin wrote, "this is the fateful intersection where my boys lost their lives. progress has been made. there are three brand new stop signs in place." sot 1: 16:26:53--16:27:11 'you cant undo the past obviously, but i think as a legislator, its important to take new information you learn, and initiate discussions and i think it would be easier to put our heads in the sand, but the responsible thing to do is to have discussions about how we can improve safety.' crews are in the process of installing stop signs at about 3- dozen uncontrolled intersections across the county. there's still much more to come tonight.... coming up at 9-30 -- security is always heightened during the holidays... how americans around the world celebrated .. and the security measures following the paris attacks. but first... pies so good they
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what makes these pies different than the rest... and why they're so hard to find... from who h-d iowa's high definition're watching the
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it's been her fight for twenty years. something is wrong with our healthcare system and it needs to be fixed. then, it was about health reform and getting eight million kids covered. now, it's about stopping republicans from repealing obamacare, and taking on insurance companies to bring down drug prices. i'm not going to let any family be deprived of healthcare. i'm not going to let the republicans rip up obamacare and throw it away.
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it's a pie so popular -- you won't find many on the shelf but what turned patti labelle's sweet potato pie into a phenomenon was not only its taste... but how it made one man literally sing like patti. now both he and the pie have become sensations. c-n-n's jeanne moos has the story it is pie that flies... "i swear!"off the shelf at walmart... "go ahead and get a nibble."patti's sweet potato pie by none other than patti labelle... voulez vous eat my pie. "patti!"this guy did... "whoa yeah bleep i'm turning into patti. you'll turn into patti after eating this."and his review turned patti's pie into a phenomenon.
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"this wasn't how it was supposed to end."patti labelle has a cookbook and is famed for dishes like macaroni and cheese, but for the first three days after james wright chanel posted his review literally singing the praises of patti's 3 dollar and 48 cent pie.... "you are my friend."walmart says it sold a pie a second. "now you don't see me holding a pie because it's nearly impossible to get. check out walmart's website. out of stock. out of stock. out of stock." "and i'll be gone."james is a hairdresser and an entertainer in la. after his review got millions of views, he got a very special phone call. "you know patti has a little distinctive voice. she was like "james" i said "patti. we talked like we knew each you're an awesome singer. awesome individual. child you're gonna go far."she's invited him to spend a day with her.
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james' review has inspired others...this guy called his mom after the first bite. "i'm have to say miss patti pie better than your sweet potato pie, mama." "i'm gonna hang up on you."everybody seems hung up on patti's sweet potato pie. "lord when i get to heaven i hope they have patti pies."jeanne moos cnn "pattiiiiiiiiii" york. "patti pies. patti cake make it
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ad lib weather toss back and so it begins...the mad dash to get the best deals around has arrived... black friday is starting early.... and as our mike dasilva reports, if you thought the lousy weather would keep shoppers were wrong
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before the doors were some of the biggest retail stores...shoppers had to wait in line for hours... 15:33:42--50 'standing out here in the rain, braving the elements, thats the price these shoppers are willing to pay, all for a good deal.' shoppers prepared for the weather as best they could... 15:26:45--49 'youve got a tarp, youve got an umbrella, and yet its still cold out. handwarmers.' 15:22:15--21 'if youre dressed warm, its not too bad. plus i got my phone to keep me company, so its perfect.' 15:23:12--21 how do you pass the time? standing out here? listening to music, talking to other people that are in the line, trying not to think about how cold you are. ' the folks in line at best buy...all had their eyes on the same item...a 49 inch toshiba tv for $150. 15:17:52--15:18:00 ' so thats a great deal for me so great that you would come hours before and wait in the rain? yup. yeah because, its a deal buster you know? 15:21:58--15:22:01 'yeah, it looks amazing. i havent seen that good of a deal in a while.' 15:27:08--19 'and what is it about that deal thats so spectacular? because we can get amazing gifts for people and they think we
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spent a lot of money and we didnt. all it cost us is maybe a toe to frost bite.' 16:14:42--45 "clap clap, you did it, that's right, you did it whoo!" dance with beatbo is among the top selling products over at the the toys r us in clive. other hot items, include anything to do with star wars like light sabers...then of course there's always the traditional toys like train sets. plus electronics like phones and all adds friday accounts for about 30 percent of our business for the entire year so, it is a huge deal for us.' and in addition to snagging a great comradery... 15:24:16--22 'im here with all of these wonderful comrades, we are in this together 15:20:12 'is it worth it in this terrible weather? it is because its just the experience and you get to meet a lot of different people. if you were wondering about 50 at the best buy at the jordan creek towncenter. coming up -- a set of fake
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black friday ads are going viral online... but first -- have you ever paid extra for gift wrapping online? why the more
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isn't always better...the national retail federation
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cyber monday. if you're one of them and usually click the gift wrapping option... you may find paying a couple extra bucks isn't worth it.. forget the traffic forget navigating through people at the store. forget seeing santa this year. your little elves are going online this year. at least that's what you told me on my facebook page. thanks for sharing your favorite online stores. because from your list - we randomly selected three stores to put gift wrapping to the contact 6 test. "we are going to go to amazon, target and kohls" haven't you wondered what paying extra really looks like. went straight to the person that i sent the gift to. jp: any complains from them? fo: no not at all. maybe they were just being nice. so let's get to it. amazon is first. "i want to get a book by an author that we just had on the show..laura day" dollars and 49 cents. next up- target. where i
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find a lovely candle for a co- worker. "apple cinnamon" "gift wrapping" i know it seems silly to pay nearly 6 dollars to gift wrap a 2-dollar candle..but remember this is just a test. and finally let's head on over to kohl's - where this pashimina scarf looks great and i can write a little message too. "i know the office is chilly..enjoy." gift wrapping cost 5 dollars and 95 cents. so what do most of us expect ? "a high quality gift wrapping paper, neatness, preciseness, thats what im going to expect if im for it." packages are here. "oh! hey malcom, guess what. know it. thank you." let's see what's "alright this one is from kohls, oh no! theres no gift wrapping on this at all. " and the message is simply typed on the receipt we paid nearly 6 bucks for this. "alright not good. kohls - we gotta talk." we did and it says- "kohls is committed to providing great
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customer service to our customers both while in our stores and when shopping online. we apologize your order didn't arrive gift wrapped as requested and we have credited your account accordingly." so how about target - again nearly 6 dollars. "well thats cute. nice little target bag. thats actually a gift in itself if you need the bag." and finally amazon- the cheapest at 3.49. "keep your gift a surprise, unwrap your gift before opening this envelope. ok. ooooohh. fancy. real paper. nice amazon, good job. alright whats your little smile say. oh look heres my card. merry christmas contact 6 office, i hope this card looks great and so does the wrapping, what do you guys think? "katrina: hey check out this wrapping from amazon what do you think? john: wow that is pretty fancy. and investigator bryan polcyn gets the candle from target.
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"kat: yeah its for you. bryan: do i open it? kat: yeah open it up. brian: fancy bag. kat: it is a fancy bag from target." now you know what you can get when you click some say it's better "fo: ummm not the greatest. im not an avid gift wrapper lets just say that." "usually i just have my boyfriend do it." "pretty bad. i mostly make a joke out of it, like ill wrap it like 20 times, kinda make it funny." speaking of holiday shopping.... a man, with a lot of time on his hands created some funny but fake black friday ads...and they're getting lots of laughs online. here's a couple of them: a fanny pack filled with pudding. the spoon is sold separately. then, there are the hot gifts for the half human, half horse shoppers, including mane and tail precision archery sets. and for the parents looking to trick the kids into doing their chores, there's this: a space sucking vacuum cleaner and a luke skymopper.
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just ahead -- holiday security... despite recent terror attacks, new yorkers took to the streets for this year's macys thanksgiving day parade... e city is keepsports, we'll get you ready for the black friday showdown in
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ren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the
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holiday security... americans remember all they are thankful for this thanksgiving... plus the increased security at festive attacks. and turducken... how this popular thanksgiving dish got it's name... and how it's made chicago unrest.. protests continue in the streets of the city. the damage demonstrators are causing... and what the officer claims he black teenager from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the
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from afghanistan to paris to here in the united states.. americans around the world are thanksgiving holiday to remember and celebrate what they are thankful fox news correspondent david
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protests in chicago over the white police officer grew wednesday night. some demonstrators pulled down police barricades, while others tore some lights off the
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wednesday marked the second shooting death of laquan mcdonald. the 17-year-old was killed in october of last year after being shot 16 times. the officer who fired those shots, jason van dyke, is now charged with first-degree murder his attorney say van dyke feared occurred. th u.s. seet service arrested a man after he juped over a fence onhe helbrtithmawaweinbls checking a vehicle
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michigan state and notre dame are breathing down iowa's neck. clemson and alabama hoinfrm inheopwopo. for the first time this rivalry has meaning. big red nation will try to ruin the hawks playoff chances. i'l rela friday showdown. paul rhoads won over players, and fans buthpa teeeans rhadcodn w ges here's a look at some of the most memorable moments of rhoads' final season. he cyclones season started by stopping a streak... sam richardson threw two touchdowns and trevor ryen sprinted onto the scene with an 81-yard touchdown return in the 31-7 iowa state win. the cyclones needed a paul hos sespia te longhorns were the perfect suspect. in joel lannings first start he led the cyclon titfit mewi agistta.a240
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just as the cyclones were trending upward... here came the beginning of the end... iowa state had oklahoma stateote cowboys outscored the cyclones 28-7 to finish the game and spoil the upset bid. if there isne plath s mirocsmoft ycoe seso..ths sit. another 21-point lead blown... less than 24-hours later... paul rhoads knw s terhdsth players, and the fans still have one last hurrah.. a
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his final game kicks off at 11 o'clock saturday morning. bluder's bunch spending thanksgiving in texas. alpehespins through the lane. peschel is fouled. bucket falls. hawkeyes keep the winning trend going.. 83-77. they're 5-0. early morning for the cyclone women. iowa state tipped off at 11 a-m from the hard rock in riviera maya,
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football is a thanksgiving tradition. detroit has been playing on the holiday for almost a century. matt stafford ready to feast of this philly defense. stafford throws 5 touchdown passes. calvin johnson catches three of them. the eagles are struggling. detroit rolls 45-14. here's a penny just for you. whoa, thanks, grandma!! you're welcome. you can also get an lg g4 or an lg g pad f 8.0 with that penny.
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nice! isn't that just delightful? pennies for everyone! get penny doorbuster deals on great devices this black friday from 8:00 a.m. till noon
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before we go tonight... australia's taronga zoo is celebrating the birth of one of the world's rarest monkeys. meet 'nangua', named after the mandarin word for pumpkin. the bright orange francois' langur was spotted cradled in mother meili's arms on november seventh. he's the first born to
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he will look more like his dad as he ages and looses his orange coat. francois' langurs, are native to china and vietnam but are nearly extinct because of poaching and habitat loss. this family is part of an international breeding program for endangered animals.
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thanks for joining us. have
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